“Exceptional jewels” An International view on the Contemporary and Traditional Jewellery in Perpignan

Exhibition on the theme of:

 Exceptional jewels 

An International view on the Contemporary and Traditional Jewellery





Contemporary artists aspire to a wider definition of the word « Jewellery », aiming to regroup different methods and even sometimes putting aside the natural habitat of the jewel; the human body.

The creation, either worn on the body or put on display, becomes an object with a universal message.

The Sleeping Jewels that are the masterpieces of traditional jewellery in French Catalonia are imbued with notions of the past of what jewellery is and includes a nostalgic dimension. They are nevertheless the beautiful witnesses of a unique tradition in jewellery that is only made in this small area: the south of France.

 They reflect the personal and emotional capacity and experimental desire of the craftsmen of the past, and invite you not to a confrontation with this past, but to share and exchange the richness and the experiences of others.

 These Dormant Pieces will be the introduction to the exhibition “Exceptional Jewels” that we offer you to integrate or confront with your own jewels in order to create a unique event in France of contemporary jewellery.

The “Institut du Grenat” aims to show that the creativity of the Roussillon region in France will find once again, with this type of exchange, free and renewed personal artistic expression.

 Remaining faithful to the values of design, beauty and aesthetics, while preserving old techniques along with new technologies, is a guarantee of strength and is a challenge for the participating artists. 

By sharing this thought and by showing your own vision on the concept of Jewels, you will participate in an exceptional cultural and artistic dialogue.

 It is our pleasure and honour to invite you, whose work we know and treasure so well, to join us in this artistic event.


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