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BEVEL, Fine Hand Crafted from the Isle of Manhattan

Jonathan Lloyd Goldstein, BEWEL Jewelry.

[vimeo][/vimeo]   BEVEL, a NYC-based jewelry line specializing in fine hand crafted jewelry produced locally is launching their first collection, Ball Game, this month. In Ball Game, each piece is available in three states of being: Modern, Classic, and Sacrificed. Modern is mirror-finished and smooth with an architectural futuristic appeal. Classic is modeled on the textures of aged and weathered Mayan temples. Sacrificed is dark and distressed with a highly … Continuer la lecture

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Orfèvrerie de toilette au XVIIIe s.

La Reine Charlotte avec ses deux fils aînés, Zoffany,vers 1764-1765, Collection royale d'Elizabeth II.
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