Coatchtrip, le programme d’Endemol Hollande tourne dans un atelier traditionnel de Grenat de Perpignan

The Dutch television show Coatchtrip are filming all over Europe.
The show is about 7 couples that are visiting different cities in Europe and will visit the Highlights.

The idea is that they will do different activities, both cultural as sightseeing.  It is a daily show on RTL5 in the Netherlands, broadcasted form the 27th of August.

They are filming in Perpignan the Garnet jewelry.

A short explanation about the jewelry, the history was do by laurent Fonquernie, historian. The workshop was filmed in the center town of Perpignan in the Fontfroide street, with the young jeweller Maxim Creuzet-Romeu. He made a jewel behind the camera.

Govinda den Hartog, producer of coachtrip program looks good the idea of the jewellers to make a participation of couples with a traditional tool to work the gold. We need the beginning of this program to see the images of Perpignan…

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