An example of dressing in Perpignan in 1763.

Look at the large number of sets of sleeves …in the house of Antoinette Tabariès de Grandsaignes in the center of Perpignan in 1763.

“… A large cabinet in walnut with its lock and key are locked in which the clothes and effects of the said lady Grandsaignes Mars, and having been open, we found that:

A gown of satin with green lining Holland, trim and fit, satin dress with green trim, lining and fit, dress Wholesale Tours paperback and trim, a gray moire dress and skirt, a dress of Persian and trim, a dress Indian yellow, a yellow bronze batavia dress, dress wholesale Tours black dress by weight of silk black dress and striped satin skirt, a dress and apron louver green and white flowers, a dress of white taffeta dress taffeta skirt and gray background, dress and skirt Indian white garlands and bouquets in a mantle of white satin, a white satin couvrepied and lined with taffeta hairstyle sill beards funds and sleeves and collar with three rows of embroidered Maline, a cap and sill funds Valencian lace, a pair of sleeves with three rows of interfacing with a little Valencia, another pair of sleeves with three rows of interfacing with embroidered Maline, a pair of sleeves with three rows of chiffon trimmed with a little lace, a pair of sleeves with three rows of muslin and trimmed with lace, respectful (cap) of marly four friendly topped with marly, six round caps topped with a small lace-trimmed eight round caps marly, marly three caps and three collars marly, marly a cloak of black trimmed with blonde, a sleeve of a small gray a cloak lined with gauze of a blonde, a black cape old, worn three fans, thirty shirts of different fabrics, twenty-five colored handkerchiefs, nine handkerchiefs, two door combs, ten cups pitted seven head kerchiefs, six pair low wire worn eight muslin caps and four small caps, three damn collar trimmed chiffon, two dimity petticoats trimmed with flounces, two dimity petticoats without lining, five dimity petticoats or Rouen, two stitched white petticoats, ten corsets, cloaks two bed, two single mantles, two coats of bed without lining, two dimity petticoats nine without lining, three pairs of sleeves with three rows of embroidered muslin, fourteen pairs of socks two rows of muslin or scratched three small caps with blond beard and two strands of blonde. ‘

“A pair of earrings with small diamonds around in the netherworld, four pairs of earrings false stones of various colors, two pairs of balls shoes a pair of strap loops and a pair of hook woman while false stones, a small alliance ring with a diamond and a ruby heart surmounted by a small crown with small diamonds on each side of the body. ‘

Traduction de l’article en français par notre amie Carolyn Smith-Kizer.

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